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I am gullible and superstitious

Based on a list by @DrFritzS

What are all the superstitious things I believe in and now I cannot stop thinking about them?

    1. Prayer

    Ok this might make me strange, but whatever going to write it anyway, I find myself saying the most prayers when I am in the Sauna. I know why. When I am in the sauna I don't anything but a towel with me. I just have to sit there with my thoughts. I do not think I am ADHD, but it seems that I always have more things to do on my to do list and I hardly ever just stop and think.

    But I do in the sauna.

    My prayers usually start with all the things I am grateful for.

    - I am healthy

    - I live in the United States

    - I have a place to live

    And then I start praying.

    2. God

    I am by no means a theologian. I do believe in science.

    But there is so much that I do not know about this world. I think it would be a little arrogant of me to say that it is not possible to believe that God exists, because there is so much that I do not know or understand.

    And we know that just because you cannot see something, like wind, it is still there.

    3. Miracles

    I have never seen a miracle or one has never happened to me before, but I do believe that they have happened and will happen again.

    Maybe miracles are just science that we as humans are not yet capable of understanding.

    4. The afterlife

    I do think it exists, but I don't the Hollywood version exists with everyone living in the clouds. I think it is a more perfect version of our current earth existence.

    5. Angels/demons

    For some reason it is easier to believe that demons exist than angels.

    Again, I do not think the Hollywood version of angels/demons exist.

    Is it too far fetched to think schizophrenia could some form of a demonic possession?

    And with all the mass shooting is it out to think that those people might be demonic?

    But then if people can be possessed by demons, wouldn't it make sense that people can be possessed by angels also? But I'm sure what that looks like.

    It also makes sense that there would an angel of birth and an angel of death though.

    6. Love

    I think it is more than an emotion.

    7. Time

    I live and die by the clock. But it is really just a human construct.

    8. Aliens

    I prefer to the term intelligent life.

    There are a ton of stars out there with even more plants. There has to be life developing on other planets.

    Who knows maybe they are watching us.

    And who knows dinosaurs once walked planet earth and we are still here. Who knows what is going on, on other planets.

    9. Psychics

    I think there are people that can tap into wavelengths that the general population is not capable of accessing.

    I like to think of the brain as being an antenna to that can receive different things.

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