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I am turning 40!! 10 things I am excited about!!

I know this week is going to be hard. I have some students that are difficult. Just imagine your 4 yr old throwing their worst tantrum. Now imagine 2 more on top of that. plus 7 other kids who are like WTF?? And you are suppose to be teaching something. Luckily.. I have sooo much to look forward too :)

    1. Getting my hair done today

    I am so excited about this. I have put it off for 3 months because it's a day of pay to get my hair highlighted and trimmed. It's long enough now that I don't need to go that often. The day is today!

    2. Nails done.

    I can grow nails now! Nice side effect of anti anxiety medication. I haven't bitten my nails in a month. I don't know what to do with nails but I have no desire to bite them anymore. I am having a difficult time typing. But long nails are pretty! I am getting pretty sparkly princess nails. You will learn why soon.

    3. 1st Mammogram

    Now I know this isn't exciting but... at my last gyno appointment 3 weeks ago.. she said she felt a 1cm lump. I asked around and that's common. But.. It's been popping up in my dreams and I have been worried about it. So maybe 1 less thing to stress about.

    4. Tarot Class

    I am taking a fun tarot class on Wednesday. I love taking new classes because I learn more. I started reading about 3 years ago and I just keep getting better with each class. I enjoy it even if it's not real. But I think it is.

    5. Snake Class

    With the same group of people we talk about animal symbolism on Thursdays. It's interesting. I feel like nature is talking to me sometimes. When I see a lot of a certain animal.. it could just be that time of year but sometimes I see them in weird places and I am like wtf? I feel like we are all connected and they are trying to tell me something. So I am excited for this class.

    6. Birthday Dinner on Friday! woo hoo

    My boyfriend's dad is taking us out for Hot Pot on Friday. Friday is my birthday and I know that the bars are going to be ridiculous! We might stop by the restaurant I work at after for some drinks but I love just getting together with awesome people and having a nice dinner.

    7. Birthday Dinner Saturday

    My mom met my boyfriend at her ex husbands funeral. It was weird. We get to have a more fun dinner on Saturday.

    8. High Tea at the Whitney in Detroit with my friends

    My friends are taking me out for high tea at the Whitney. I have never been there and I am suuuuper excited.

    9. Walt Disney World.. eeeeee

    My boyfriend and I are going to WDW for his birthday and mine. His dad is very generously covering the cost. I can't believe I am soo lucky. I can't wait to see how we travel together. Stuff always comes up while traveling. I can't wait to see how we resolve it. I can't wait to spend 7 days with him. I love being with my boyfriend!

    10. I feel great at 40!

    I really do. I am not where I thought I would be but I am having a great time where I am for the most part. I am extremely grateful for all that I have!

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