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I created Mayne Way Ent

I wasn't sure exactly what this challenge entailed, but I presume it meant to imagine what this hypothetical company would be about. Therefore, here is my entry: .......

    1. A production company focusing on film and episodic

    The whole goal is to incubate new IP as cheaply as possible

    2. Acquire talent inexpensively

    Mayne Way would focus on buying concepts/scripts/etc. from people just out of film school or who have the dream of entering the industry. Say someone writes a horror slasher: Mayne Way buys it for some ludicrously cheap amount (perhaps $10,000), all rights, and essentially trades the first credit for the writer as the bargaining chip (in other words, let Warner Bros. overpay the writer the next time around). If the slasher works and spawns sequels, make them as fast as possible.

    3. Actors and directors...same thing

    These above-the-liners would also be new to the business.

    4. This basically goes on all the time

    Think back to Full Moon and Charles Band, and all kinds of small prodcos today that make films for streamers and sometimes theatrical: all of them do it on the cheap. Mayne Way aggressively does it on the cheap. Say it creates an anthology horror series for Shudder....call it "Streaming Shriekers", if that trademark is not already taken. The Mayne Way talent exec goes to a high school and asks students to write scripts for the shows. Inevitably, episodes based on vampires, werewolves, etc., will be written, as all horror anthologies have those, and Mayne Way could simply assign those out; then original scripts with new terrors, and old tropes (e.g., five people stuck on an elevator, one is secretly off) would be written. Pay the kids very little money for the thrill of it all, being on streaming and learning; it's like an internship almost. Then hire very cheap directors, maybe from the ad industry, to make the episodes.

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