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I Love You More. (1 min 49 sec)


    1. All the places I remember have changed.

    All of them have changed - forever.
    Sometimes I wish it was one way God and it be the other way.
    Holy Spirit, please give me another way to look at this that doesn't steal my joy.
    I want to see my Sister as you Created her to be.

    2. Help me to look past what bodies are doing and saying, and see their Essence.

    The world ain't quite figured this one out yet, God, anyone who hurts is hurting,
    Now, that's a fact, Jack.
    I'm only here to be truly helpful.
    I realized some time ago that to attack or defend are two sides of the same coin.

    3. I can always choose peace instead of this.

    When all you want to see is love, that's all that you'll see.
    Be calm in the chaos.
    It takes two to tango.
    No tug-of-war. Stop pulling against your Sisters.

    4. No clash-a-tons. Stop bumping up against your Brothers.

    The Dance. Walking side by side as One.
    That's the only way, My Love.
    Love is the answer.
    Every action, no matter what, is either love expressed or a call for love.

    5. Mighty Companions, there's nothing better than love.

    Try love, it won't let you down.
    The ego's food is always in conflict. yummy.
    The thing Love wants everybody to know is that by changing our thoughts, we transform our perception of reality and our place within it.
    Quiet your mind, my Dear One.

    6. Everything is of Mind.

    No Thought.
    Rest your eyes, Angel.
    Deep breath now.
    You know your way home.

    7. Everything is of Mind.

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