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I miss playing drums

After living in a totally different apartment with a totally different environment for 1.5 years already, I lost that perfect chance to develop my skill whenever I want. You can evolve in a greater way when the distance between you and starting your practice is 2 minutes only.

    1. I miss the feel of the sticks in my hands.

    2. I miss the vibration sticks make when I hit the surface.

    3. I miss being active in that different way.

    I used to burn up to 600 cal per day playing drums simply at home. Well... it was according to my Apple Watch stats, probably they are not so advanced to calculate this properly, but it felt great to see the proof that I'm staying active while doing one of the things I love the most.

    4. I miss jamming with my folks.

    5. 5. I miss playing "Gold Steps" by Neck Deep with my Speed Cobra double bass pedal. Especially, that fill in the end.

    6. I miss hearing the snare wires rattling when someone is tuning their guitar.

    7. I miss spending half of the day tuning my snare drums.

    8. I miss those chills running down my spine when I'm kicking in my favorite rhythms.

    9. I miss the presence of that musical noise without worrying someone will label this as just a noise.

    10. I miss being free to improve my best skill.

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