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I should be seeing lambs this weekend

    1. We know a sheep farmer

    We were supposed to go last weekend but Chris' texts never arrived so the arrangement fell apart. Anyway, we're all organised now and tomorrow lunch time we're heading to the farm to see the new born lambs. I am beside myself with excitement.

    2. Pet cow

    He also has a pet cow. If said pet cow doesn't have a name, it will by the time I leave. It's supposed to be extremely friendly.

    3. Sheep dogs

    There are two sheep dogs called Douglas and Eric. They are both nut jobs. When I first met them they both jumped up and kissed me. They are very energetic. Eric is still a puppy.

    4. A photo of me cuddling a lamb

    This is what I'm aiming for. It might end up me and Eric!

    5. Will I be able to feed a lamb?

    They may all be paired up with a Mum so feeding might not be required but, if it is, I'm more than happy to help.

    6. I will report back and hopefully there will be photos!

    7. Lambing Live

    Several years ago there was a programme called Lambing Live following the Bevan family in Wales. Lambing seemed like a tough process. We shall see what this local version of Lambing Live is like!

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