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I Thank Meditation for These Things

We largely become what we pay attention to. Learning to control what we pay attention to is a skill that I am learning.

    1. Mindfulness

    I am more present than before. I enjoy watching thoughts running in my head.

    2. Calmness

    Being in the state of stillness, and embracing this state is magical. No games, no expectations, no stress, just stillness.

    3. Focus

    Focusing on breathing, or body parts help strengthen the focus muscle.

    4. Less Anxiety

    I noticed that I am calmer at the dentist. Before, let's just say I was making it hard for the dentist to do his job.

    5. Context Awareness

    It doesn't happen enough yet but getting into the habit of removing myself from a situation and seeing the context, helps to make better decisions.

    6. Flow

    I am still experimenting with this, but I think there is some correlation. I feel I can get into the flow when I am consistent in my meditation. I need more data points.

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