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Ian Bagg is my Favorite Comedian Right Now

He is probably my favorite comedian right now. I went to his show last night and it was hilarious. I haven't laughed so much in a while. I didn't even know who he was. I was just in Royal Oak and I was like lets do something fun tonight. The fun thing was going to see a comedian who I never hear of before.

Soo good. He went over his set by probably a half an hour.

I want to see him again tonight but I am working and it's probably sold out.


    1. Jim Gaffigan

    I saw him live in Korea. I thought he would be HILARIOUS. Everyone around me was laughing but I didn't understand. He wasn't funny. I thought that maybe I just didn't laugh at comedians. It's like they are trying to hard. Their job is to make us laugh and they try too hard. Ian Bagg is just naturally fucking hilarious.

    2. His prepared stuff wasn't even that great

    He had some prepared stuff. The funniest part of the whole night was him interacting with the audience. It was just constant and AMAZING.

    3. He pointed out the obvious immediately

    A woman with HUGE boobs was there and sat front row. He basically walked on stage and was like WHOA huge tits.. and went with that for a bit.

    4. He got the audience to say stupid stuff

    I don't know how he did it but he got people to bring out the most stereotypical ridiculousness of themselves. One guy with a long goatee that he had tied up said "it doubles as anal beads" WHO SAYS THAT? I think Ian got him to feel comfortable enough to be the tool that he is.

    5. He made great connections between everyone

    He connected everyone in the front row into the same punchline. If you were sitting farther back it might not have been that funny. But i was close enough to enjoy the ridiculousness of the people that showed up.

    6. He called out the audience that wasn't laughing.

    If people weren't laughing he's like wtf and had control over it. He was in charge.

    7. He let us know the red light came on 15 minutes ago

    He let us know that he was having just as much fun as we were. He continued on for the next 30 minute.

    8. It was so much fun.

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