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Idea list of the day: Who you like to meet while cruising the US!

    1. Tiger Woods.

    What a treat it would be to play 18 with the greatest golfer of all-time. He’s also rumored to be a licensed sky-diver. How cool would it be to jump with Tiger Woods?

    2. Jocko Willink

    A real American hero. I’ve been fortunate to see him give a talk live from the first row and he was every bit as impressive in person as I expected. His books and podcast are must reads/listens for anyone looking to improve in any arena of life….or for anyone who just wants to hear some incredible war stories.

    3. James Altucher

    My favorite writer and podcaster. A perfect example of someone who has successfully reinvented themselves multiple times after experiencing real adversity (something that I’m trying to accomplish myself) and help many, many people in the process. A great human being.

    4. Kanye West

    Rapper, record producer, artist and fashion designer. A brilliant genius. I don’t care what the many legions of haters think. I think he’s incredible.

    5. Nassim Taleb

    One of my favorite authors and thinkers. I’m not going to lie: I’d be a little bit intimidated to meet him. He seems like he can be a prickly pear on occasion, but I would find a way to summon up the courage to have a cup of coffee with him.

    6. Andrew Yang

    For too long, there’s been a close-minded belief that Asian men can’t be leading men in America. This couldn’t be any further from the truth and Mr. Yang proved this with his incredible Presidential campaign in 2020. Sure, he didn’t win, but just the fact that he made it onto the debate stage multiple times is a HUGE accomplishment. He’s made a name for himself and isn’t done yet.

    7. Ronny Chieng

    One of my favorite comedians (and another leading Asian man!). His standup is terrific. I got to meet him at StandupNY once and it made my day.

    8. Whitney Wolfe Heard

    A wildly successful entrepreneur and woman who succeeded in a male dominated field. I’d also like to chat with her to see if she could cut me a deal so I could see the Bumble users who swiped right on my profile for free.

    9. Ray Dalio

    The “Steve Jobs of Investing”. A Long Island guy from modest means (like me) who built one of the most successful companies in the world (not like me). I love the idea of an idea meritocracy where the best ideas win, not the person with the most tenure. His book Principles is a fascinating read.

    10. Oprah Winfrey

    An extremely charismatic leader who rose up from nothing to become one of the most successful people on the planet. She’s interviewed so many interesting people in her life that I’m sure it would be a wonderful time listening to her tell stories.

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