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Idea sex - accessories

    1. Headband /sunglasses

    People already use their sunglasses as a headband, so why not design that into them? Woman can tie there hair back and look great as they be polite and take their sunglasses 'off'.

    2. Armband/rotascoppe

    A rotascoppe is an old animation device. You look through slots at the side then spin the device. The slots break up the images and your brain blends the images it sees into an animation.

    What if you had a slot on your bracelet and as you spin it you can see a repeating animation. The spinning aspect would serve as a sort of fidget toy. 

    3. Aftershave /hair spray

    What if you had a spray for your hair that had a nice scent? Would hair hold a scent for longer? 

    4. Necklace /Nintendo toys

    Nintendo has toys that remember data. What if you had a fancy necklace that had your own data (Facebook /phone no ect.) meet someone nice hold that next to their phone and they'll have you added on everything. 

    5. Ring /toys

    We've all seen rings with big fancy designs, lions, skulls ect. What if these could be removed and served as a toy? You could make a game around these toys. Winner could then add that to their ring. Since rings are easily seen it also serves as advertising for the product. 

    6. Hat/sewing

    I remember seeing small squares with pictures on them that you could then sew into. What if hats had designs that you could sew into? Maybe the shapes too akward. 

    7. Glasses/camera

    I know it's been done already but what if the photos it took where random? You'd then be able to look back and see real memories rather than poses. What if you had to wait a year before you seen them? 

    8. Belt /peacock

    A belt with a hidden desplay. When you meet a beautiful lady you press a button and poof feathers pop out of the back of the belt showing your intrest. 

    9. Belt /keyboard

    Want to impress her?show off your musical skills by pressing away at your belt buckle. If she knows a song she can get down on here knees and show you her skills. 

    10. Zip/keyring

    Add a little flair to your zip

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