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Idea sex with thing's I dislike

Could I combine thing's I dislike to get something I love?

    1. News + smelly people

    Smellovision.  The more true the story the sweeter the smell.  When it's obvious bs that's what you'll smell.

    Still something I'd dislike, but a trust indicator would be useful.  I can't see anything using it fairly though.  Maybe base it on past predictions they have this made and display that rating.

    2. Bad advice + football

    Have random fans take over as captain for a week and see how well they do following their own advice.  I'd actually really enjoy this.  It can be expanded to other sports.  The less experience they have the more enjoyable it would be.  Team's need to follow orders.

    3. Vegetables + comedians that play for claps

    I've never liked veg.  I don't mind it used for flavour, but even then there's a lot of flavours I dislike.  I also hate comedians that say nothing funny, but say things the audience agrees with to get laugh's then does a straw man of the other side for laughs it's just idiotic and annoying.

    I think a good fix for this would be too fling rotten veg at them.  That should lead to more laughs.  I'd be laughing anyway.

    4. Sickness + war

    Make a virus that makes everyone sick, but doesn't kill them.  The fighting would be over just as fast with far less casualties.  Noone was fighting during COVID, because fightings the last thing you want to do.

    I doubt this would work.  Developing viruses isn't a path I want anyone to go down, but the concept does make some sense.  As a starting point I think it's worth pondering.

    5. Junkies+ sports

    Similar to my earlier idea.  What if you had a sports competition where they were required to take drugs.  You could have devisions based on different drug's and a free for all to see what one's the best.

    This is madness, but it could make a fun TV series.  I'd enjoy watching that story play out.

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