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Ideas for 1st time Runner

    1. It's gotta be the shoes

    Try to find a dedicated running shoe store in your area. If it's just a sports store, that's not really ideal. Different people have different gaits and that means they need different kinds of shoes. Stability, cushioning, motion control are 3 different kinds of shoes. The right shoes are probably the biggest shield you have between success and injury.

    2. Track as much data as you can

    How far did you run? How long did it take you? Keep a spreadsheet to total your mileage. Some people track heart rate, how they felt, or even the weather.

    3. Don't increase total distance more than 10% per week

    You have to build slowly. Suddenly and sharply increasing your training volume, i.e. miles run is a recipe for injury

    4. Set small intermediate goals

    A marathon is a noble goal to have, but you should get some experience racing at the 10km or half-marathon level somewhere along your journey.

    5. Cross Train

    Building up your running endurance involves a lot of running, which should come as no surprise. That can get a little boring. Your muscles (and mind) could do with a little diversity. Yoga, strength training, cycling and swimming are good complements to running training

    6. Run on grass

    Natural turf is easier on your joints, so whenever you can be on a wooded trail or a lawn or whatever whenever you can.

    7. Get a running buddy or buddies

    Join a local club or find a buddy to train with. Not only is it safer, but a buddy will also help you stay consistent and accountable on days when motivation is low - and you do the same for them.

    8. Learn the terminology and subculture

    Fartlek, intervals, tempo runs. Running has its own language

    9. Find a program and stick to it

    There are tons online. They will get you to your goal, with different workout types and sensible mileage increases.

    10. Forgive yourself

    If you miss a run, or don't hit a speed/time goal at a race, remember you are getting healthier every time you get out there.

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