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Ideas for 1st time Runner

I participated in the Honolulu marathon without preparation. I enjoyed the scenery but I walked most of it, and of course, I didn't finish. I run sometimes to stay fit. So I may have a thing or two to say about running.

    1. Be clear about the objective - Your WHY

    Running for a marathon or running to stay fit are two different goals. They demand different mindsets.

    2. The Shoes

    I run a half marathon in tennis shoes. Oh! I would never do that again! Please get running shoes!

    3. Start Small - Walk/Run

    You want to learn to like running. Running is hard, hacking your brain that running is fun is critical. Start small and celebrate.

    4. Try Different Types

    It may be good to try different types. If you peg your running habit to the environment, you may find it hard to run in different environments. Try treadmill, road, park, etc.

    5. Run with small strides

    Are forced to take shorter and lighter strides to avoid knee pain or injuries. This is just from my experience.

    6. Enjoy it

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