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Ideas for 1st time Runner

    1. Sign up for a 5K race right away - maybe 30-60 days away?

    It gives you something to train for.

    2. Don't run the exact same route every day

    3. Go less distance than you think

    Most people set these targets too high and fail. Better to do less but be consistent.

    4. Use some kind of Running Plan

    There should be free running plans out there which will tell you which days and distances you need to run each day to be ready for your 5 KM race in a few days.

    5. Take care of yourself outside of running

    Healthy diet, sleep, stress reduction, cold/heat, breathing exercises.

    6. Enlist someone else to run with you or be your accountability buddy

    Or join a local running store's group.

    7. Try to train as early in the day as possible

    People who leave training to the afternoon or evening have more reasons to talk themselves out of it.

    8. Make sure you have good shoes

    I really like Hoka

    9. Get some kind of watch for tracking

    I just use my Apple Watch

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