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Ideas for AI-Powered Education

As a parent of a child who is smart but a tad lazy and 'forgetful' and also was an impressionable middle schooler during the lockdowns, there are several ways AI can be of assistance to students.

Ideas for AI-Powered Education

    1. Student Project / Homework scheduling

    Learn the student's learning style, motivation for certain subjects, relative difficulty of an assignment, and other activities of the student (extracurriculars, family obligations, etc.), provide the student with a school work schedule which gets things done while allowing adequate "fun" time, including an app with reminders.

    And a regular report to the teacher(s) and parent(s) to make sure they're on track.

    2. Pre-submission homework / project review

    Reviews student homework and projects, and while not giving specific answers, provide guidance as to where the student needs to make corrections, additions, subtractions.

    3. Test Prep

    Pretty obvious... a way to help the students to prepare for tests with sample questions, and tutoring guided by how the student does on answering prep questions.

    4. Identification of specific strengths and weaknesses by subject

    Teachers apparently either don't have, or won't disclose, test answers. So, students can't identify what they got right, and what they got wrong. AI could anonymize the specific answers, but provide students and parents guidance about what the student needs to work on.

    5. Electronic Rewards

    Some sort of benefit for staying on track with classwork, homework, and tests / projects (credits for online gaming add-ons or physical rewards) could be provided and managed by AI.

    6. Career Testing

    Virtual "trying" of various careers. Like a computer game, play the role of a (banker, plumber, doctor, and many others) over time, including those parts of the career one may not think of (like handling cash flow in a business with employees).

    By rating how they like specific functions, the AI could use those "likes" to recommend other career tracks the student may not have thought of.

    7. Learning Things Not Taught At School

    Life skills such as budgeting, balancing a checkbook, etc. that aren't taught in school but students understand they need. Give them class credit for learning them.

    8. AI "Friend"

    Someone to "talk" to if needed. Could be trained to advise parents if there are mental health issues identified, but that would ruin trust...

    9. Parent Reporting

    Some type of summary dashboard report compiled across classes so parents have accurate information about their child's progress, strengths and weaknesses, and things like cafeteria balances and such.

    10. Curriculum Data

    In some school systems in the US, this seems to be a state secret. Parents (who pay the bills for the service of education) should have access to what the curriculum is. AI could provide summary versions, with details available if desired.

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