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Ideas For Bike-Theft Prevention

I heard a report on bike theft on the radio this morning. It's pretty shocking to hear that even bikes with the best U-Locks get stolen by thieves with the right tools.

    1. Registration Databases

    Apparently, this project has dropped bike theft by 30% in the Vancouver area. I think the 'badge' acts as a deterrent.

    2. Locks With Alarms

    When thieves are able to cut through even the best U-Locks with a tool, I wonder if a simple circuit that activates an alarm when cut would add to the deterrent factor. Having a loud noise might help catch the thief.

    3. Geo-Trackers

    I'm sure some people put devices like Tile on their bikes, but a savvy thief would remove it before making off with the bike. The better such a tracker is hidden and/or secured, the more likely the bike can be recovered.

    4. Geo-fencing

    If the bike moves outside a certain zone (defined by the user as their usual route/territory) an alert is sent.

    5. A Key

    Similarly, the bike alerts if it's moving without being within range of a portable fob.

    6. Ink/Dye pack

    Remotely (or after being removed from a certain geography) an ink pack bursts over the thief, or marks where they've gone, similar to the ones used to foil bank robberies

    7. Bike Racks That Can Lock Your Bike For a Fee

    Something even more reinforced than the best U-Lock

    8. Invisible Locks

    The thief spends his time on the visible U-Lock, but the wheels are still locked with a simple mechanism that unlocks with a small key.

    9. Stickers and Paint

    Make your bike unmistakably yours.

    10. Booby Trap

    If you don't disarm the trap a spike in the handlebars impales your hand.

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