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Ideas For Charging E-Scooters

E-Scooters have been very popular over the past several years. When I was in Baltimore, there were fleets of them (Birds, Limes, etc) that appeared overnight. When I was in Paris, I rode one from my AirBnB to the Eiffel Tower. And now, they're legal in Manhattan and the city is crawling with them. One issue that is sure to come up with scooter riders (both those who ride for pleasure and those who ride for work), is battery life. While there are countless EV charging stations for cars, I haven't been able to find one for e-scooters.

    1. Add a charging port at the Link NYC Internet Kiosks that line the streets

    I doubt these kiosks are built for this capability, but if you could somehow add this to them, it would be a great service for the hundreds of e-scooter riders in NYC (and in any city with a lot of scooter riders).

    2. Allow residents to sign up to be charging stations for a fee

    Kind of like AirBnB except specifically for e-scooters. Residents can sign up to be e-scooter charging stations and charge a fee for using their charging station. Using an app, riders can see where apartments/homes that offer these stations are.

    3. In major cities like NYC that have enough scooter drivers to support it, have a charging station cafe with multiple charging stations.

    Sell coffee, the latest and greatest e-scooters, e-scooter parts (wheels, custom handles, throttles, decks, custom decks, kickstands, batteries) , and e-scooter accessories (locks, helmets, elbow and knee pads).

    4. Partner with food delivery companies that rely on delivery drivers that use e-scooters

    Become "The Exclusive Charging Station" for Uber Eats, Instacart, DoorDash, delivery drivers. Offer discounted rates for delivery drivers with partnered companies.

    5. Add the service to current EV car charging stations

    There are MANY EV car charging stations. Add on an option for e-scooters at these stations.

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