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Ideas for Improving Performance in Any Area in 2023 - and Beyond

Each year we get at least four ideas that if we acted upon just one, it would be enough to set us free - What Makes the Great Great: Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement - Dennis P. Kimbro, Ph.D.
Dominate - to have a commanding position.
Dominate - to have a lot of influence over (not necessarily in an unpleasant way)
Dominate - to overcome that which is holding you back.
Dominate - to defeat the enemy within.
Dominate - to be dedicated to a single cause.
Dominate - to be a strong example of that which is good.

    1. Pick one market to dominate, not two.

    It's only when you choose a single target market can you begin to think about domination.
    You can't go from one idea to total domination in one fell swoop or you will crash and burn.
    In reality, you must be able to prove that your idea works on a small scale. 
    You have to make it up, make it real, and make it happen.
    Prove that the idea works once, in a single market, with one customer. You must do this before you can SCALE.
    Your work is not done until you've proved that your idea works.
    Wisdom Tip: Your total focus and effort should be on your proof of concept: To figure out how to do it that one time.
    "When you dominate, you elevate, and I do mean expeditiously."

    2. The work is going to be pleasurably grueling.

    You're going to over-invest in time and money.
    Your credit card might be screaming bloody murder but keep going.
    You're going to drown in tons of research while building the prototype.
    There are no shortcuts if you want to create a system that will be good today as well as stand the test of time.
    The Good News: You only have to Do It Once. It's the end of chasing shiny objects.
    Turn your proof of concept into a system and now you can simply rinse, lather, and repeat. You are now "Scale-Ready."
    Now you can clone your proof of concept model as many times as you want....and deploy it to as many target markets as you desire.
    You don't even have to do the scaling because once you have the ability to make it happen in any market you simply set up the systems and find other people who want to do it for you.
    "When you dominate, you elevate, and I do mean expeditiously."

    3. Plan to completely dominate your target market before you move on to the next market.

    Single target markets to dominate online and offline within the service niche.

    Elder care services: This could include helping seniors seamlessly move from their homes to an assisted living facility.
    House cleaning: This could include residential cleaning services for luxury homes.
    Personal training: This could include one-on-one personal training sessions for high-net-worth individuals.
    Tutoring: This could include in-person or online tutoring services for high schools students on the subject of trigonometry.
    Virtual event planning specialist: This could include planning and organizing virtual events, such as conferences, meetings, and webinars. (There are so many people who would gladly pay for this service)
    Online therapy: This could include offering therapy sessions through video conferencing or messaging platforms. 
    Online personal styling: This could include offering personalized style advice and creating custom outfit plans for defense lawyers.

    4. "The P&G 99"

    Winning With the P&G 99 - Charles Decker
    Domination is the Mind Set according to Decker.
    Practicing to dominate the game becomes the practice.
    Domination of your life includes domination on the field and off.
    Domination of your most prevailing thoughts.
    As described in the book, once you plan to dominate your whole physiology changes. 
    Your confidence shoots through the roof and you understand what Hernacki meant when he said "To get what you want, you don't have to do anything. Simply knowing the secret is enough."
    The Secret: In order to accomplish something, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.
    "You Must be willing" is the most important part of the declarative statement. It states that you "must be willing" not that you will have to do anything. 
    If the willingness to do anything is not there - you place your ladder against another wall because you will not achieve the results you're seeking.
    Decker also says that you should create the very best product from the customer's perspective.
    Domination can only occur when you give the people what they want - not what you want to give them or not what you think they should have.
    Your product or service should be laser focused on giving the people exactly what they want.
    Tide was created to solve the needs of people who want their clothes "as white as possible". Not how can we make these close sorta white. 
    P&G's goal was how can they help people's clothes be the "WHITEST WHITE" of any laundry detergent that exists regardless of their investment in figuring this out. 
    Only then could they dominate (and charge higher prices) - Check this out for yourself.
    Each market is a single market and the needs of the people change with each new market. 
    Tide is there for the segment of the market that desires the whitest clothes possible but then there's ERA for the segment of the marketplace that is more interested in getting tough stains out because it has two times the cleaning power when compared to other brands. 
    Both are singularly focused.
    Each one of these brands is treated as a separate and distinct business. 
    They may seem like they compete with other but each one solves ONE very specific need in the marketplace.
    Plan to dominate, create the very best product IN THE WORLD from the customer's perspective, and treat each single target market as a separate and unique business model.
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