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Ideas for lists

What would I like to write about/read?


    1. How to think

    A series of lists that explain how to better think about topics.

    People are taught to memorize, rather than think.  If we can think better, better solution's will be made.

    For example politics - abortion.  Is a fetus a baby?  Everything else is built on top of this answer.if you want to change someone's mind, start here.

    2. How to research

    Gathering research is the first step to tuning your mind into spotting greatness.  Is there a better way to do it?  I'd like to find out and share my results.

    3. Conversations with nobodies

    I'd like to share short conversations with friends and random people just normal working class people.  It might be interested to share their insights.  My New phone can transcribe conversations saving me time.

    4. A short lesson on what I love

    One that everyone should do.

    I've seen a lot of posts discussing education lately.  What made you fall in love with one subject?  What great aspects can you share with us?  What insider knowledge can you share?

    Eg. I love animation.  It was all these cartoons I watched as a kid that got me into it.i have the power to breathe life into my drawings.  There's something magical about that.  You probably already know it takes about 24 drawings for every second of animation, but what you might not know is - before an action animator's pose character's moving in the opposite direction.  This is known as anticipation.  Even more facinating is this happens in real life all the time.  Before we turn left on a bike,we turn right.  Before we swing a bat we move it back.  Before we jump we squat.ect.

    5. New business challenge

    Set up tasks that will take around a month to do, then share results.

    Eg. A New book, merchandise, online class, short film, stand up gig ect.

    Something that leads to making some money.  Or any kind of growth really.

    6. How I got here

    What steps did you take throughout life that led you to where you are now.  If you're not where you'd like to be this could highlight area's in which you hold yourself back. if you're happy it serves as a map for others.

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