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Ideas from listening to The James Altucher Podcast episode "Adulting 101"

H/T @paolo @JamesAltucher

The idea that different is better than great. So if we are trying to help our kids or our own C.V., how could we do it.

    1. Eagle Scout

    Fewer and fewer young adults are entering Scouts BSA. Approx 4% of those who start earn the highest award of Eagle Scout.

    2. Gold Award

    Very similar story with Girl Scouts of America. Enrollment is down, and only a small percentage earn the highest award.

    3. Uncommon background

    If you, your kids, or your family have an unusual or uncommon background; tell that story. Lived abroad for a year. Lived in an RV while touring Europe. Have learned your tribe’s oral history in its native tongue. Any of these are worthy of a job interview just to hear the story.

    4. Build something

    Leadership opportunities are everywhere but what is less common is the sweat equity needed in the trades. Maybe you added an addition to the family house so you didn’t have to share a room. Maybe you bought a junk car and rebuilt it all yourself. Sweat plus follow through.

    5. Volunteer

    Lots of opportunity for the young to volunteer but some opportunities stand out. Did you ride the ambulance during the height of COVID? Do you run towards the burning building? Do you sit quietly and hold the hand of the lonely?

    6. Civil Air Patrol

    There are squadrons active throughout the USA. Not sure if other countries have a similar organization. Combine scouting, ROTC, and real life rescues and service and you get an idea of CAP. Plus there is the opportunity for teenagers and young adults to become pilots too.

    7. Take a Long Walk

    Unlike the cliche’ of backpacking around Europe; planning and completely an epic hike like the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail says a lot about a person.

    8. Travel.

    More than ever before, folks who visit different areas and spend time with the locals will always have a different perspective.

    9. Run away with the Circus

    We’ve all heard the story, but how many have done. I spent a summer working a small traveling carnival. Those tales may some day be told.

    10. Act like the position or opening isn’t important to you.

    More of an interview technique. Of course you want them to understand how much you are interested and look forward to being there, but with a hint of “if I don’t get it, I’ll simply move on to the great experience.”

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