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Ideas leave not their source. (7 min 23 sec)

Ideas leave not their source. (7 min 23 sec)

    1. The ideas in my mind do not leave my mind when I share them.

    2. If this be True then how can I be apart from God?

    3. How could I walk in the world separate from Source because I am a Thought in the Mind of God?

    4. Where can I go since the Mind of God is everywhere and everything ? Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.

    5. It’s impossible for me to leave the Source of Existence itself.

    6. By definition Truth must be True through out. It cannot contradict itself.

    Truth is being in accordance with facts, reality, or actuality.
    Truth is the absence of falsehood, deception, or distortion.
    Truth is sincerity, authenticity, and accuracy. Truth is the way that things are.
    Truth is trust. Truth is meaningful. Truth is Reality.

    7. Truth doesn’t speak in generalities.

    Truth does not make statements or assertions that are broad, imprecise, or lacking in specific details.
    Truth does not make general claims about a topic without providing specific examples or concrete evidence.
    Truth does not make broad and sweeping generalizations.

    8. Truth can never be certain one moment and unsure the next.

    Truth is not variable or subject to sudden changes.
    Truth, once known, remains consistent and does not fluctuate over time.
    Truth cannot be altered or made uncertain.

    9. Truth isn’t fickle.

    Truth is consistent, steadfast, and not subject to change or inconsistency.
    Truth is reliable and stable.
    Truth is not influenced by fleeting emotions, temporary trends, or subjective opinions.
    Truth remains True regardless of external factors or individual interpretations.
    Truth is a reliable and consistent aspect of Reality.

    10. Truth isn’t a fair-weathered friend.

    Truth does not abandon me based on circumstances.
    Truth remains constant regardless of my situation or my personal desires.
    While my friends may only be present during favorable times, Truth is not conditional or influenced by temporary factors.
    Truth stands firm even in challenging and it does not abandon me when it is uncomfortable.
    Truth has unwavering principles and it offers me a dependable foundation that I can rest my hat on.

    11. Truth doesn’t hurt.

    Not speaking the Truth is what hurts.
    Truth, when understood, is not hurtful or damaging.
    For clarity to exist there must be Truth.
    Truth is the only authentic creative force that exists.
    If I lie, I have to tell a thousand lies, but if I tell the Truth, I only have to say it once. Lying requires a continuous effort to maintain deception and cover up the initial untruths. In contrast, truth-telling requires only a single act of honest communication.
    There's a complexity and burden associated with lying. Lying creates a web of falsehoods that requires ongoing maintenance and it's emotionally and mentally taxing.

    12. ACIM Truth Reflections.

    Embrace the Truth about myself: The awakening is to see beyond the limited perception of being just a body. I recognize my true essence as a spiritual being and extend love and forgiveness to myself. For example, instead of defining myself solely by my physical appearance or past mistakes, I choose to affirm my inherent worth and Divinity.
    Recognize the Truth about another: Love invites me to look beyond surface judgments and projections onto others. I release the need to blame or criticize, understanding that what I perceive in others is a reflection of my own beliefs and perceptions. For instance, instead of assuming negative intentions in someone's actions, I choose to see their inherent goodness and extend understanding and compassion.
    Honestly share my True Self with others: Love reminds me to be authentic and transparent in my interactions with others. I let go of the need for approval and present my True thoughts, feelings, and intentions without masks or pretense. For example, instead of hiding behind a façade to gain acceptance, I express my genuine perspectives with honesty and vulnerability.
    Acknowledge the Truth about another to that person: Love encourages me to communicate truthfully and respectfully with others, avoiding judgment and manipulation. I offer sincere feedback and support, honoring their individual journey. For instance, instead of imposing my own beliefs onto someone, I listen to their perspective and provide constructive feedback based on mutual respect and understanding.
    Embrace the Truth in all aspects of existence: Love guides me to seek the Truth beyond illusions and appearances. I cultivate discernment, questioning the ego's deceptive narratives. For example, instead of getting caught up in superficial distractions or false narratives, I pursue deeper understanding and alignment with the universal Truth of love, peace, and unity.

    13. I can’t walk the world without Love because I can’t be apart from Love.

    I cannot not be Love.  Love is what my life is. And wherever I am, that’s where She Is also. One Life, not a batch of lives, and this Life I share with Him.
    I cannot be a part from Her and live or exist. There are no attribute of His that remain unshared with absolutely everything that lives.
    Nothing that lives could ever be sinful nor more than.. a flame could be separate from fire, sound could be separate from the air, a rainbow could be separate from the sunlight, a plant could be separate from the soil, a reflection could be separate from it's surface, a smell could be separate from it's substance, taste could be separate from food, nor thought separate from the mind nor a dream separate from the dreamer.

    Nothing in Life can exist independently or be separated from its fundamental nature.

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