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[ideas] planets

ideas orbiting planets

[ideas] planets

    1. mercury

    small, hot

    food cart

    drive thru beverage stand; no waiting, one beverage

    first mover, closest to source

    shortest days

    drive thru or food court w/ short hours and products sourced on site (no logistics, no supply chain)

    2. venus

    hot, greenhouse gas, spins backward

    device to pull greenhouse gasses from atmosphere or before they get to atmosphere

    greenhouse gas: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor

    large scale device to moderate greenhouse gasses, maybe used in terrafarming

    "Human activities (primarily the burning of fossil fuels) have fundamentally increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, warming the planet. Natural drivers, without human intervention, would push our planet toward a cooling period."

    I wonder of conversion to electric vehicles and fusion energy not just solves but pushes us into a cooling period...

    3. earth

    home sweet home

    bot that creates small aphorisms and signs

    bot that creates earth art

    drive thru stand that sells sayings and art: there is only one saying and one art available per day. past art and sayings available via website

    4. mars

    elon musk supplier

    terra forming

    off-earth manufacturing

    off-earth greenhouse gas scrubber

    off-earth greenouse gas generator

    if fusion and unlimited free energy, create earth-like environment before settling

    radiation shielding or scrubbing

    5. jupiter

    big, slow, gas, rings, moons, storm

    hydrogen and helium

    hydrogen is an energy source

    off-planet starship refueling station

    drive thru that sells you a shot of helium to make you talk funny

    drive thru that sells balloons

    balloons filled w/ greenhouse gasses

    balloons filled w/ storms, drive thru storms

    package fillers filled w/ helium to make packages lighter

    6. neptune

    dark, cold, distant, super-sonic winds

    store frozen things; freeze things for storage

    wind tunnel

    drive through that analyzes aerodynamics of car and performance; then simulate performance on other planets

    an off-earth manufacturing site for mushrooms

    7. saturn

    rings of rock and ice, hydrogen, helium

    53 moons

    harvest rings to build a planet

    harvest hydrogen and helium to build an atmosphere

    pet rocks, pet hydrogen, pet helium

    there's a lot of hydrogen and helium in the planets, combine into greenhouse gasses to create atmospheres

    animate rocks, sell as pets

    harvest rocks from rings, return to earth, animate and sell as a pantheon

    create 53 flavors of candy and sell as Saturn Moon Candy and associate w/ pantheon; with each piece you eat you get stronger, smarter, faster and more good looking

    backpack and containers enclosed in helium to make lighter; military

    8. uranus

    toilet paper

    that's really all there is

    9. pluto

    small, bullied, cast out

    nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide

    majestic mountains and frozen planes

    enhance greenhouse gases, stabiliize atmosphere, inhabit the view should be incredible

    oval-shaped orbit, heart-shaped glacier

    make a list of things that are circular and change their shape to oval - which is better

    make a list of things that have been cast out and cast them in again - things now useful because of changing times

    write a book of bullies and saints. compare and contrast. what does the statistical distribution look like, i.e., weighting of good and bad

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