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Ideas to find a niche for self-publishing

I've dabbled in erotica and published a few very short nonfiction Ebooks. I'm thinking of experimenting again.

Ideas to find a niche for self-publishing

    1. Self-publishing with Dale

    I get this guy's newsletter. I almost never read them but it looks like he offers valuable content.

    2. KDP Rocket

    Software. I've tried it out for research but haven't implemented it to the point of publishing something based on my findings. Not sure how reliable it is but it seems useful.

    3. Exploding Topics

    James interviewed the founder. I get the free newsletter. That's how I found out about japandi, so I created a japandi-style notebook and I've sold a handful of them over the span of a year or so. I feel like getting the Premium version would be very useful to get in on profitable KDP niches before they blow up.

    4. Google Trends

    Look up what you might be interested in and see if there seems to be a growing trend.

    5. TikTok

    If you can bare it, look through TikTok and see what's trending. Maybe you can find something that can be written about. People do this to find a dropshipping niche. Let's say you see that a plant milk machine is trending, you could look into publishing plant milk recipes.

    6. Find a saturated niche and combine it with one or two other ones

    "How to stop anxiety" is oversaturated for sure, but what about 'Christianity and anxiety'? You can combine the saturated niche with another saturated niche or a non-saturated one. Anxiety and veganism? How crocheting can cure your anxiety? Who knows.

    Try asking ChatGPT for ideas.

    7. Subscribe to tons of newsletters and see what they mention

    A friend of mine uses an email address exclusively to sign up to newsletters. Good idea.

    Business newsletters might be particularly helpful, but it doesn't have to be only those.

    8. Create polls for people to fill out

    Maybe you can share them on Facebook groups, Reddit, or even just among your friends. Something that might give you an idea of what people are interested in. Like "When it comes to ______, what kind of book would you be susceptible to buy?"

    9. Browse

    Look at the softwares and courses being sold. Maybe they can lead to an idea for a KDP niche?

    10. Browse Skillshare and other course platforms

    Same idea as above! Maybe you'll stumble upon a course about how to write poetry and think "oh yeah, I could publish a book on how to write poetry".

    11. Avoid the very boring stuff

    Would I want to publish eBooks on accounting? Probably not, even if I barely had to do any of the work myself.

    12. Or on the contrary, go for the very boring stuff

    I wrote #11 because I think it's better to find a niche you like (or believe in) so that it doesn't get boring, but if you don't mind something boring, maybe there will be less competition and it's worth looking into?

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