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Ideas to find a niche for self-publishing

My perspective on this is someone that has never published, but I am working on creating eBooks right now.

Ideas to find a niche for self-publishing

    1. Pick a new medium so that you can be first

    Amazon has a new writing platform for serializing stories: Vella https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella. Based on the books that are there now romance stories are popular.

    Serialize your story on NotePD!

    2. Commit to tools

    I have committed to the Amazon platform. They have their own software (free!) to help you create books. They need content for their services and they will help you create it.

    3. Don't expect to make any money doing this

    The airwaves are flooded and now people (like me) are writing with AI.

    4. Write books as a sales pitch for your product. but add value.

    For example, there is a book called The EXITPreneur's Playbook by Joe Valley. It is a detailed sales pitch for what his company does: sell businesses https://www.amazon.com/EXITPreneurs-Playbook-Business-Reverse-Engineering/dp/B09RGBJ67Y/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=exitpreneur&qid=1680008002&s=falkor&sr=1-1

    There are hundreds of books like this.

    5. Make a list of things that you know how to do (non fiction) and also stories that you like (non fiction)

    6. Realize that there is a lot of material already out there

    I bought a collection of yoga materials from someone on Fiverr for $5. He sent HUNDREDS of videos, ebooks and articles that he probably stole from somewhere.

    7. Use "idea sex" and combine different lists

    Like gardening? Food trucks? Write about how to build a rolling farm. From #5 combine a fiction story with a non fiction idea that you like

    8. use an online plot generator

    There are dozens of these

    9. Create your own fiction universe that you can write in

    Like the world of Harry Potter or Star Wars.

    10. Pick a time in history and write about that

    During the Industrial Revolution, pre-history, the 1960s, etc.

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