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Ideas To Help Place 100 Students in Internships In Six Months: computer science graduates are frequently not prepared to work at a job. Intern opportunities like this teach you more about how an office works. Also watch Office Space.

    1. Work as a QA resource

    There are lots of opportunities in the quality assurance space. If you are a developer, you can automate quality assurance. You also get to see an overview of the whole product development cycle.

    2. Receptionist

    3. Take notes at meetings

    4. Write technical documentation

    5. Write end user documentation

    6. Run the snacks and coffee service

    7. Organic a meetup or hackathon

    These are great ways for tech companies to Netwerk or possibly make some new hires. An intern would be a perfect person to organize this because it is a one time deal and most of the people at it start up probably don't have time to do this

    8. Interview the principle people and publish the results internally and externally to the company

    9. Write sales copy

    10. Work as an appointment setter for salespeople

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