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Ideas To Help Place 100 Students in Internships In Six Months

    1. Create a good prospect list.

    This list might be long, but it's needed to prioritize where we'll most likely find success given the time frame and # of slots available.

    2. For each top prospect who has internship positions, match up specific candidates that would fit well, send them their resumes, and explain why.

    3. In addition to #3, those candidate might want to perform a small task or project in advance to demonstrate their value.

    4. For those prospects who do not have internships posted, or who do not historically have internship programs, create a simple one for them.

    5. Pursuant to #4, for example, you could speak to a few employees at the company, find out which tasks are really holding them back from performing higher-level work, and then communicate that program & it's benefits to the CEO/HR person.

    6. Create a simple App/Website that lets prospects browse through your student's profiles digitally.

    7. Create a digital system where your 100 students can be 'booked' based on their on-demand availability, like a Calendly.

    8. Browse AngelList and similar sites for companies that are expanding / hiring / need help.

    9. Offer a few 'Whales' (big prospects) ALL 100 prospects to do one massive, high-reward project that the company could never otherwise do without such concentrated resources.

    10. Have this person come up with a social media campaign that's targeted at his audience on the right platform(s) advertising his available resources.

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