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Ideas to Make A Fortune Off The Pickleball Boom

Pickleball—the racquet sport created one summer day to combat boredom—is sweeping across the United States. The 50-year-old sport now has more than 150,000 players in the U.S. and has been called the fastest-growing sport in America by NBC News.

It's a phenomenon unlike any other sport predominantly played by seniors. The courts are shorter—four to a regulation tennis court—the racquets are paddles, and they play with waffle balls. And they have fun!

    1. World’s Largest Pickleball Tournament

    Get a corporate sponsor to offer a significant prize money amount. Invite Pickleball players from all over the world to compete (charge a fee). Rent out a convention center and fill it with Pickleball matches (see volleyball photo attached). Help local homeowners by getting AirBnB hosts some guests.

    2. Become a Pickleball Coach.

    Find a local Pickleball facility. Get to know some Pickleball coaches. Offer to be a coach that provides an edge. Competitiveness is a trait that stays with athletes for life.

    3. Create Pickleball Instruction Videos And Sell Them

    Take video of some of the drills you do with clients and put them on YouTube or on a Propietary website. Charge a fee to access the video on your proprietary website

    4. Manufacture a super lightweight Pickleball racket made out of titanium.

    When I worked in a lacrosse store in college, lacrosse equipment retailers made titanium lacrosse sticks and sold them for hundreds of dollars, marketing them as more durable than typical alloy sticks.

    5. Pickleball Fundraisers

    Have fundraisers at a Pickleball facility. Seniors have all the money in this country, so invite them to share some of the wealth while taking part in one of their favorite activities.

    6. Pickleball YouTube Series

    Create a Pickleball YouTube show that follows the lives of some of the competitors from the world’s largest Pickleball Tournament.

    7. Build Pickleball Courts at Senior Living Centers around the world

    Since Pickleball is so popular among seniors, why not make it easy for them to play? Build them Pickleball Courts where they live. This would be a very popular amenity.

    8. Pickleball Referees

    Pay people to referee Pickleball matches. Create jobs!

    9. Pickleball World Tour

    Have Pickleball tournaments in popular vacation spots around the world. Create an entire experience around the sport.

    10. Add Pickleball Courts at Country Clubs

    Offer Pickleball in addition to golf at country clubs
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