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Ideas to make Major League Baseball more exciting

As a kid, I loved baseball. As an adult, I started to fade away from it. But last year, I decided to give watching college baseball a try and I fell in love with it. And that got me to try getting back into the MLB. But it didn't help.

So here are ideas to help make Major League Baseball games more exciting.

Ideas to make Major League Baseball more exciting

    1. Bring in the aluminum bats

    The best part of college baseball is the audible "ding" when someone makes contact. Plus, with the extra power of pro players, I have to imagine we see a lot more home runs. Might want to require everyone to wear helmets in the infield, however.

    2. After 10 innings, games end in a draw

    Americans hate the idea of a tie game, but baseball is long enough as it is. By introducing a draw, you shorten part of the long, drawn-out season. OOH that's an idea...

    3. Shorten the season

    How about 100 games? That sounds nice. Even with draws, the games may be a bit long, however...

    4. Add a mercy rule

    College ball does it, and while it's not super common, it does come up and it's always a pleasure to see.


    5. Cap the number of substitutions per game

    This could make things really difficult to plan around, especially in terms of pitchers. Instead of 5 different pitchers and 2 pinch hitters, maybe you are stuck at 3 subs per game. The players union would never go for that, however.

    6. Heavily suspend/fine players who throw pitches out of revenge

    The "unwritten rules" of baseball are hilarious to joke about, but they're a huge drag on what's still (on paper) a fun sport. By forcing players to not be stupid vigilantes, maybe we can get some emotion in the sport again.

    7. Have bizarrely uneven outfield walls

    The wall is only like 3 feet high for 10 feet, and then the next 20 foot stretch is 100 feet high for no reason other than it's hilarious.

    8. Have a pitch clock that ends with a horn

    Like the shot clock from the NBA. Even better if it goes off while the ball is in midair.

    9. Replace the base lines with four Slip 'N Sides

    Sliding will become a lot more exciting. Actually, so will running, I suppose.

    10. Replace the All-Star game with Wiffle Ball

    Competitive Wiffle Ball is a thing...kind of. And the way those guys can manipulate that ball is outstanding.

    11. Every home game, a random fan is selected to be the first batter of the game

    This replaces the batter in the first spot, but does not count as a substitution when the fan goes back to his or her seat. Plus, if you stumble upon a complete stud, maybe there's a rule saying you have exclusive rights to his first contract.

    12. Stop testing for steroids

    Seriously, baseball was at this most exciting when multiple dudes were blasting 60+ homers in a season.

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