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Ideas to read more books

    1. Kindle

    I have a Kindle device but I mostly use the app on my iPhone. It means I can read a book anywhere. Even when I have just a few minutes available. I love that I can have hundreds of books on a small device.

    2. Audio

    Some people prefer audio or find it more accessible (like my blind husband). I often listen to books in the car when I'm driving which ups my reading rate.

    3. Shorter Stories

    Sometimes a longer book can languish on the bedside table for months, unread. Reading short stories means you can probably finish reading something more quickly.

    4. Goodreads or Literal

    Tracking reading can incentivise you. Setting a target of the number of books you want to read in a year, and linking up with others either IRL or via an app, can up the number of books you're reading.

    5. Write Reviews

    Writing short reviews on social media, a blog, or in a list, can be a good way to keep you accountable.

    6. Set Aside Time

    I used to read a lot on a Sunday afternoon. I do that less now. It was always great to have time to enjoy reading, and to be able to keep reading. I think you have to block out time to make it happen.

    7. Watch Less TV

    This links to 6. How much time could you have spare if you didn't watch so much TV?

    8. Combine Activities

    I like to sit in café and drink coffee and write in a notebook. I could read instead of write.

    9. Book Club

    It's not something I'm a fan of but a book club could be a good way to read a new title and share your thoughts on the book.

    10. Cheap Books

    You can sign up on Amazon (and other places, I'm sure) for daily emails listing special offers on books. You can often buy a book for £1.99 or less.

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