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Ideas to save a little money ...

... after retiring the end of last year and trading to support the lifestyle I have been accustomed to. Had been so proud of my skills in January and March. February was so so, but April, my worst month so far this year. While I think we could be nearing a bottom, feel the need to tighten the reins a bit and see if I can't curb my spending next month.

    1. Get rid of my second AT&T phone. Not worth $70/month to just sit idle as a back up. While I did have to engage it last night after my friend ran off my phone by mistake, it was hardly worth it.

    2. More chicken thighs, less steak. I try to keep my protein high, but it's getting expensive. Good seafood and beef up in price. Can only eat so many eggs and protein shakes. BUT, I do love chicken thighs and they are a great value.

    3. Clean out my closest and give items to my consignment lady for resale. She's good for a nominal check a month.

    4. Step up my STEPN app. Since I've been playing the game with my new sneaker, I've earned almost $400. Levelled up once. I think this might work out ... until it implodes. We'll see.

    5. Review my subscriptions. I know I don't need them all and can save some money there. Make sure things don't renew that I'm not using. Get a handle on that.

    6. Review apps as well. Have some I don't use.

    7. Call Spectrum and discuss cutting the cord. Do I really need this DVR that I've been renting for years from them and probably paid for 10 times over? Only use it to record CNBC Fast Money. Silly.

    8. Equinox: has gotten so expensive and I only use it to train twice a week with my trainer, which is not cheap. At this point, I'm just paying him to listen to me bitch for an hour twice a week. I can train myself. Have done it before.

    9. Get back on my bike. Wonderful free form of exercise. No excuses. Just need to get back in that habit again.

    10. Cut back on online spending. Covid is over. Don't need to be shopping online and buying things I don't need!

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