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Ideas to Solve New York's Rat Problem

    1. Create a Rat-catcher Crew

    Sell it social media.  Copy writers can sell it to young people who need jobs.  Pay them a decent hourly wage.  Not by the number of rats.  

    2. Build up a aerie of birds that eat rats

    Build tasteful bird nests up on roofs and incentivize owners to allow it

    3. Start a Clean NY campaign

    Part of this problem is free access to garbage

    4. Develop dumpsters that are hard for rats to get in

    5. Clean dumpsters on a monthly basis

    Spray the dumpsters with non chemical sprays that repel rats

    6. Mend dumpsters that have holes

    7. Focus on solving homeless

    There are other cities that are making progress on solving homelessness by changing zoning and build places where people can afford to live 

    8. Work with homeless camps to put their trash in hardened receptacles like a dumpster or metal boxes.

    The homeless are not the cause, but they are a part of community that can support the solution by disposing of trash in hardened receptacles.

    9. Give homeless people tents

    While we are working on trying to solve the homeless problem, give the homeless tents.  That woukd be better then having them build  shelters from cardboard boxes that may well smell like food 

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