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If I gave you a billion dollars, and you couldn't spend it on charity or family, what would you do?

    1. Start an incubator

    2. Hire someone to execute all of my ideas and check in on me once a week to tell me how they are going

    3. Hire a personal trainer, life coach, acting coach, chef, shrink, fashion consultant, maid, voice teacher, agent, yoga instructor, dermatologist, nutritionist, biographer, personal assistant, financial advisor, meditation guru, and typist

    4. Put it all in a high interest savings account and live off the interest

    5. Build a hi-tech home and media center in a shipping container and travel around the world in it and film a documentary

    6. Get multiple remote jobs and hire people to do the work for me and pretend they are me

    7. Build tiny houses in cities all over the world, create a company to maintain them, and spend my life travelling living out of these places instead of hotels or Airbnbs

    8. Pay off all my debt and all the debt of all of my friends

    9. Start a spy school where you teach people how to shoot, ride a helicopter, pick a lock, blend into crowds, etc.

    10. Get rid of everything, put it in savings, go to a monastery and meditate until I figure out what to do with the money

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