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If I gave you a billion dollars, and you couldn't spend it on charity or family, what would you do?

The following ideas might be outlandish and some may actually cost far more than a single billion. Enjoy!

    1. Buy Billboards on Every Major Highway and in Every Major City in the World Saying The Following: ”Everyone Is Trying to Sell You Something. Think for Yourself.”

    The idea of everyone trying to sell something is not limited to widgets advertised on a random Instagram ad. This includes interviewees trying to sell their services to a potential employer, the news media selling an agenda to the public, governments trying to sell entire socioeconomic systems to their citizens, and so on.

    If people thought for themselves before surrendering their autonomy to so-called experts, the world would be a very different place. It could be beautiful... or it could end in total disaster. Who knows?

    2. Form a PAC or Super PAC to Lobby Congress Into Ending Daylight Savings Time.

    Daylight Savings Time helps no one. It doesn't save electricity. It doesn't help the farmers. It's debatable if it even helps recreation and the tourism industry during the summer months.

    People have to suffer a week of misery twice a year because their bodies need to adjust to an arbitrary time change. No more! Standard time should be the standard all year long!

    3. Buy as Much Farmland as I’m Able and Sell to Small Independent Farmers at a Loss

    The food supply is too important to trust to one entity or a small group of corporate interests.

    4. Buy Gold Bullion

    At the current rate of inflation, a billion dollars just doesn't go as far as it used to. Gold is a hedge against inflation that doesn't depend on the electrical grid like crypto.

    5. Buy a New Laptop

    My current laptop's getting pretty old, so why not?

    6. Buy a New Hat

    Nothing fancy, just something to keep the sun off during the summer months.

    7. Fund Research for Sleep Medication Without Side Effects

    So many problems would be solved if people were well rested. Also, such a remedy would be extremely profitable.

    8. Fund Low Cost Sound Proofing Materials for the Construction of Residential Buildings

    People would be better neighbors to each other if excess noise was less of an issue.

    9. Build an Artificial Floating Island in the Ocean

    Real Estate prices are getting out of control these days and we're bound to run out of land to sell sooner or later. Clearly, the new frontier for land will be artificial islands in the ocean!

    10. Build a Fortified Underground Enclosure Deep in the Wilderness

    You never know when the next catastrophic asteroid impact or diplomatic breakdown will occur and you need a bunker to hide in for the next few decades.

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