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If I gave you a billion dollars, and you couldn't spend it on charity or family, what would you do?

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas

    1. I wouldn't accept the billion dollars because I have no need for one thousand millions of dollars.

    2. Since this is an "if" and you haven't actually given me the money I don't know what I'd do with it. Having access to a billion dollars would be new terrain for me.

    3. I'd probably do something that most people would call objectionable.

    4. I love doing things in excess so I would definitely overindulge in something that was probably not very beneficial.

    5. I would see how many "problems" I had prior to the receiving the billion dollars and compare that to post receipt of the billion and notice the difference. And if so, what?

    6. I would try and discern if I were happier after I received the billion dollars and if so for how long.

    7. I'd count how many people are in the state of Texas and try and split the money evenly among all the inhabitants.

    8. I'd put money on every inmates books for life.

    9. I'd give a million dollars to all of the hustlers and hookers.

    10. I'd sponsor a one million children in Africa for the rest of their lives.

    11. I'd triple every Hispanic's salary who is working a blue-collar job.

    12. I'd buy the most expensive car, drive it one time and give it away.

    13. I'd buy a mansion and invite homeless people to come and live in where they would have access to food, clothing, shelter, and a drug treatment program.

    14. I'd open "Honey Houses" all across the globe. A Honey Houses are houses that only talk about spreading the good word - Love.

    15. I'd buy a private jet and fly people who've never been out of the country to both exotic and impoverished places so they could experience the differences.

    16. I'd read the news and locate any elderly person that has been scammed out of money and I'd anonymously send them a cashier's check for triple the amount of money they lost.

    17. I'd ask people to send me the QR code for their CashApp and I'd have a weekly drawing for life. If I pull your CashApp QR code then I'd CashApp you $100k.

    18. If you've have at 4.0 GPA at time of your high school graduation I'd pay your entire college tuition including room/board, books, clothing and food for 4 years.

    19. I'd pick 100 people that are faced with life-threatening diseases and get them the best doctors on the planet regardless of the cost.

    20. I'd have someone create me an elaborate treasure hunt and at the end of every treasure hunt (If you completed it) you'd win $1 million.

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