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If I had more time what would I do

If time wasn't a factor what would I do. 
If I had more time what would I do

    1. New comics

    I've been wanting to do new ones for a while. Other projects pop up and take my attention away. Hopefully I'll get to it soon 

    2. New animation

    I really want to animate my language learning comics. I know that it would speed up the learning process. 

    3. New book

    This is where my focus is at the moment, but if I had more time I could write even more books. 

    4. School 2.0

    I know school can be better. I've already written up a few ways how to attchive this. I'd love to write a full plan and get it implimented somewhere. 

    5. Play god of war

    My workmates love it and have been recommending it for months. I don't play games often, but really enjoy them when I do.

    I need to reply ghost of tsushima again. My all time favourite game. Actually let's just say play great games. I'd love to relieve pokemon again. 

    6. Watch my favourite shows with someone

    I love watching shows with another person. If I could find someone that loves my favourites as much as I do I might need to marry them.

    Looking forward to having kids one day so I can introduce them all to my favourite cartoons. 

    7. Share others stories

    It's a shame the only time people from areas I've grown up in get their stories published is after they comit a crime and have it shared in the news paper. That or they appear on a TV show as the idiotic scum with a good heart.

    We all have stories. It's about time some of the good ones get shared. Maybe thats an idea for a new podcast? Talk to normal people in minimum wadge jobs /unemployed and hear what they have to say. 

    8. Read

    The main problem lately is the books I've chosen. I like to learn practical advice and I've come up short lately.

    Do you have any books on useful knowledge with practical applications? 

    9. Sell

    I'd love to learn how to sell. I've got books that have changed people's lives for the better I just don't know how to market it to people that need it most. 

    10. Learn new skills

    Improve my cooking, ukulele /guitar skills. Because a better artist. Focus on making amazing tshirts. Build a real buisness and manage others. Programing. 

    11. Direct a film

    Popeman as well as junkieman would make great movies. I the world deserves to see them. 

    12. Rest

    I push myself to much. Even in this hypothetical reality I need to remember the importance of rest. 

    13. Jokes

    I need to write more Jokes and comedy songs it's been a while. 
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