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If I had the energy what would I do?

I've been feeling drained for a while now.  Maybe I should eat more or maybe it's lack of vitamin D nowadays.  I'm not sure.  Anyway if I had the energy what would I do?

    1. New collections

    I'd make ton's of new designs for my website.  The fact that I've done so much work already and not making sales is disheartening, but as long as I keep pushing forward I'm sure the sales will come.

    2. Top Tier Lists

    I loved pushing myself to write list that would offer some useful advice to the reader I just don't have the energy to think that much nowadays.  Hopefully it returns soon.

    3. Advice videos

    I've got topics for close to 100 video's.  It wouldn't be hard.  This might be the easiest task for me to do.

    4. More jokes

    I like to think about my jokes and word them properly.  As simple as it might seem the process uses a lot of brain power.  Hopefully I can gain that power again soon and write up some new classics.

    I did a short sketch today.  It's by no means my best, but it's a good start to getting me back on the creative path again.

    5. More songs

    I love writing stupid songs.  My singing and uke playing have gotten a lot better.  It'd be nice to show off my improvements.

    6. New Books

    I've already written up most of the next few 'The Rocco Effect - Set __' guidebooks.  I've also written a fair bit of my psychological Biases book.  Hopefully I can publish a few next year.

    7. Burnout?

    It doesn't seem like much, but I do a lot.  Maybe I'm just burnt out.  Maybe I should focus on one thing at a time instead of jumping between everything throughout the week.

    Thanks for reading.  Like I stated before I'll try and get better lists again soon.

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