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If I Had To Go Back To College

This is what I would study, with no consideration given to cost, career prospects, or even the necessity of these degrees to advance in their respective fields.

    1. Music composition.

    I have a couple of music degrees but not in composition. I would love a career as a music composer. It would be amazing to compose operas or music scores or symphonies. Or all three!

    2. Sports psychology.

    I'm fascinated with the difference in mindsets of successful athletes of all stripes. For instance, how is it that sometimes complete, physical studs that get drafted in the NFL never make it, and sometimes undersized, physically underwhelming players end up in the Hall of Fame.

    3. Exercise science.

    How to optimize physical health.

    4. Advanced philosophy/critical thinking.

    I have a philosophy minor but I would love to invest all my time in learning more.

    5. MFA in creative writing.

    Some people criticize this degree but I think I would love this challenge.

    6. Fire science.

    I think it would be an amazing life (and probably hard as hell) to be a wildland firefighter.

    7. Wilderness and adventure studies.

    I looked it up. This is a thing. You can learn to be an adventure guide or potentially use the degree as a springboard to being a National Park Ranger (the most kick-ass job in the world). There is even a university that offers a "transpersonal wilderness therapy" degree (who knows what that is, but it sounds cool)!

    8. Astrobiology.

    How cool would it be to learn about life, if it exists, on other planets?

    9. Geology.

    I'm fascinated by rocks and with how many earth formations were created.

    10. Librarian.

    What a great career to be surrounded by the world's greatest books all day!

    11. History.

    Half the podcasts and books I consume are related to history. I would love to be a history writer/researcher.

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