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If I Move, What I Might Want In a New Place

I haven't left New England in my 52 years on the planet. Maybe it's time to move. So, what would be important about a new place?


    1. I want to live by water - Water's important to my life. I've lived near a lake or an ocean or both for my entire life.

    2. I want a nice walkable downtown area - even if it's a vast city or a tiny village, I want a place where I can walk and get some eggs and coffee and read a magazine.

    3. I'd love a restaurant or three - There are maybe 10 places that do take out near me and while I love to cook, some variety in options for meals would be nice.

    4. Startup culture would be cool - or some sense of building different kinds of futures, even if (or maybe especially if) it's a place looking to reinvent itself.

    5. Not too far from an airport - this is a must for work

    6. Decent health care would be important - I need good medical coverage ( I mean, who doesn't?)

    7. Cultural centers (like symphony halls) aren't nearly as important to me as public spaces where we can gather or share or perform at a grassroots level. (Local would be more fun.)

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