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If I was a cult leader

Fun question to start the day. 


    1. Make others smile

    As a follower you will be responsible for making another Smile every day. More smiles can equal more money in the afterlife. 

    2. Learn something new

    My followers will be the wisest of all. They will learn something new each day and share it with others. They can learn about anything they want. 

    3. Wear purple

    Like ancient royalty we will wear purple to show that we are kings/Queens. It doesn't need to be lots, just a little whenever you venture outside. 

    4. Today's going to be awesome

    ... Praise be to the almighty Rocco. (well maybe not the end). Start every day by chanting this phrase to yourself. 

    5. Be stoic

    Why come up with my own framework when I can just steal something that works. 

    6. 5 minute dance

    Every morning you should dance for five minutes. Extra love will be given if you choose to dance to ska music. 

    7. Donate to Rocco

    What's the point of being a leader if I don't exploit it a little. Followers will donate a little money towards me so I can travel the world and live my best life. 

    8. Laugh

    Laughing fills you with a special energy that makes it easier to do anything. Be sure to laugh everyday. 

    9. Community

    Meet up multiple times during the week and discuss how great the cult is. This will stop you from questioning it and leaving. Plus who doesn't like meeting up with friends?they make life worth living. 

    10. Create

    Others will know of us from our creations. Create anything. Idea lists, books, artwork, products it doesn't matter. 

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