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If I Was An Action Figure My Accessories Would Be

I started off thinking about possessions I will always have in one form or another. I wasn't comfortable thinking of material possessions as part of my personal 'brand' or have them define me as a person. G.I. Joe action figures (and other toys of that era) often came with little accessories; e.g. the Navy SEAL came with scuba gear for underwater missions. So if I was an action figure (or even a doll), here's what I would come included in the package (or available for separate purchase)...

    1. Waterproof Digital Watch

    I like knowing what time it is. I've worn a digital watch at all times - including showers, baths and swimming - since I was probably 12 years old.

    2. Jacket Style Hooded Sweatshirt

    I love hoodies, and I prefer ones that zip up the middle as opposed to pull-overs that mess up my hair when I put them on.

    3. Crossover with AWD

    I like having storage capacity but I don't want to drive anything too big or pay too much at the pumps. I also swear by AWD in snowy weather.

    4. Smartphone

    Sure, we are all stuck to our phones, but I can remember going running with my Palm Treo which could play MP3s and getting a call and the caller wondered why I was out of breath.

    5. Blue Jeans

    What I prefer to wear (along with the aforementioned hoodie).

    6. Backpack

    Obviously, I used to use backpacks for school, but later the idea of being a working man made briefcases or shoulder-slung messenger bags more appealing. Backpacks are just better ergonomically and I can keep my hands more free than any other solution, so even for business meetings, I'm not shy about showing up with a backpack that has my notebook and laptop in it.

    7. Skis

    Winter is a big part of living in Canada, and skiing is how I get through it.

    8. Laptop

    My main work tool and a big part of my hobby/play time too.

    9. Bike

    I own 3 bikes but I don't seem to find as much time to ride as I used to, but still, cycling in one form or another has long been a big part of my lifestyle.

    10. Notebook - Bullet Journal

    I can see over a dozen on the shelf next to me and that doesn't even include my current one. It's how I stay sane and track my to-do list and daily activities and thoughts/occurrences.

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