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If i was Prime minister

I really enjoyed making my last list, so heres a follow up.

I'm taking these topics from

    1. Brexit

    Let's make some deals. What we want is easy travel around Europe again (to be fair it's not that bad now.) and cheeper foods. I don't really know what else people want, I'll be sure to research this should i ever decide to run.

    What can we offer Europe? Surely they want to travel here and get our goods for cheeper.

    I'm not really sure why people are angry at brexit. It was about leaving and having more control over our country, we got that. We just need people that are able to make the most of that freedom in power.

    2. Crime

    I wrote about this in my last list.

    basicly lets focus on what leads people to commit crimes in the first place and focus on that. Some comit crimes, some don't work out why and use that to help reduce the likelyhood of crimes ever happining.

    Too often we focus on dealing with the aftermath - Jail, therapy, suing. Wouldn't it be better to stop the crimes from happining in the first place.

    3. Democracy

    Vote me in and i'll make sure that you have another chance to vote for me, or someone else in 5 years.

    I don;t really understand why this is an option :/

    4. Economy

    Let's push for even more buisnesses in every city. A coffeshops good, but having multiple throught the city allowing for a nice walk before you get to one is even better. Cities with limited buisness all centered in one spot dont allow for a lot of walking/exploration and that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle/boredom. Having tons to do keeps people active, spending more, more opertunities to socialize and a happier community.

    Teach entrepunureship skills at school. Offer courses at the job centre. Loans for new businesses.

    5. Education

    I've wrote about this before.

    A focus on projects rather than exams.

    A focus on how to think rather than memorisation.

    Therapy techniques

    Martial arts training

    comedy (Or any form of public talking)

    programing.implimented into maths class

    website portfolios

    6. Environment

    Make public parks even better. Increase the likelyhood of walks/socializing there.

    Don't focus on climate change policies.. The countries to small to make a diffrence so why bother? Saying that we shouldn't go crazy and open up caol mines and burn even more.

    7. more later

    Im tired thats enough for today.

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