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If I Were Running Meta Platforms

Zuck will continue to run Meta for a long time. But I have a few ideas

    1. Meta Web Services

    Facebook could create their own cloud.

    2. Facebook Watch+

    They have the cash to get into the scripted content game.

    3. WhatsApp super app

    You can send money or crypto back and forth to people. You could trade stocks on the app. You could have a savings account on the app. And Facebook could take a fee for all these services.

    4. Payment processing

    Facebook should create their own version on the Square terminal. All the people selling products through the Facebook platform should be processing payments through Facebook and they take their fee.

    5. Wharehouses

    They have the capital to become the next Amazon. Build wharehouse space to store and ship products around the US and then globally.

    6. Meta Operating System

    Phones, Laptops, Computers, Watch.

    They could have their own ecosystem of products all focused around Facebook.

    7. Metaverse

    Keep developing it.

    8. Meta Business

    A subscription service to take on Office 365. Email, Calendar, Messaging etc.

    9. Meta Services+

    Create a monthly subscription service like Apple did where they bundle together a bunch of premium services.

    10. Meta Sourcing

    Connect manufacturers with product developers and then sell those products through Facebook/Instagram stores.

    11. Meta Travel

    Meta is all about posting content.

    They could become the next Airbnb. People could list their place to stay on Meta and Meta could charge a fee when they rent the place. And the people post the content from their stay on Meta.

    It could also become an entire suite of travel software. Book flights, hotels, car service, experiences, cruises etc.

    12. Meta Entreprenuers

    Meta should create an arm to invest in new entrepreneurs.

    13. Meta Learning

    Add courses that people could take.

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