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If I Were To Create My Own Constructed Language

Some potential ideas for a conlang.

If I Were To Create My Own Constructed Language

    1. Indicate the future and past by changing the pronoun

    Let's say the word for "I" is "Mu". "I will eat" could be "Mut kom" and "I ate" could be "Mus kom". In the case of a noun or a name ("Henry will eat"), the pronoun could be added before or after the name, or there could be a suffix or prefix added to the name. Names change according to the case in some languages, so why not.

    2. Allow a lot of room for confusion

    This way, there's more potential for humor.

    3. Make it as logical as possible

    This would probably have the opposite effect: less potential for humor.

    Such a conlang already exists and it's called Lojban.

    I do find it interesting that language can sometimes be unclear, but maybe that's not a problem. Maybe it should stay that way because it allows for more flexibility, and therefore humor but also poetry for example.

    4. Only use vowels

    Good luck.

    5. Use twelve letters or fewer

    The Hawaiian language only uses thirteen letters (including the glottal stop, an apostrophe, which they call "okina"). How about experimenting with even more restriction?

    6. Use repetition to create different words

    Another example from Hawaiian: "wiki" means "fast", and "wiki wiki" means "very fast". For some reason I still remember this ten years after reading about it. Repeating words (or syllables) could be a way to replace adverbs, or it could just be used to create completely different words. Uk, ukuk, ukukuk, ukukukuk. Might sound annoying though.

    7. Indicate plural by adding a vowel (the last vowel in the word)

    For example: "empanada" would become "empanadaa", and "anus" would become "anusu"

    8. Instead of a definitive article, put an emphasis in the middle of the word

    For the word "ina" (whatever that could mean), say "inna"

    Of course, definite or indefinite articles aren't necessary. Russian doesn't use them (it's interesting to hear Russians using the wrong article, it's just not intuitive for them).

    9. Indicate the tense by changing the word order

    Similar to #1. If "I eat" is "Mu kom", "I will eat" could be "Kom mu".

    10. Allow words with four or more repeated vowels

    Why not.

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