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If I Were To Start A Micronation

There are so many micronations out there. Very small land areas that aren't recognized by any sovereign country. Some of them were created just for fun, some of them actually want to become sovereign states. If I recall correctly, a microstate is a tiny country that is recognized as a sovereign state (like Monaco, Nauru or Vatican City).

Here are some ideas if I were to create my own micronation. Some of these assume that I would have a lot of money.


    1. A chunk of Antarctica

    There are already several micronations there. One of the issues, of course, is that it's not very inhabitable (although the penguins would beg to differ).

    2. Build an artificial island

    3. Get my own chunk of a pre-existing artificial island


    4. A little chunk of Greenland

    It's an autonomous territory of Denmark, but hey maybe someone could pull it off. Hans Island used to be disputed between Canada and Greenland; maybe someone could have come and planted their own flag there just to see what would happen.

    5. Build a fort in the forest or on the beach somewhere and declare my new country

    6. Purchase an island and do the same

    Sounds like the most obvious way to do it.

    7. Financially support somebody's political campaign or coup in exchange for a piece of their country (or authorization to build an artificial island in their waters) and recognition, which would potentially turn it into a microstate


    8. Donation to an existing government in exchange for the same as above

    Quite a few countries offer citizenship by investment. Not sure they would go as far as giving a chunk of their land, but maybe a chunk of their waters?

    9. Make it a collection of satellites

    Not on land, not at sea. IN SPACE!

    10. Moving country

    An agreement with different countries wherein each of them lends the micronation (or microstate?) a chunk of land for a year (or several years).

    11. Pop-up country

    Like a pop-up store, but for countries. You get a piece of land (or space!) somewhere, and you let a different micronation establish itself there for a year or more. Could be a way to experiment with different systems, kind of like the Seasteading project.

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