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If I wrote a Renaissance Faire show.

Attended the Faire today and had a great time. Several of the performers mentioned writing their shows. That got me thinking about what if I wrote a show? What would it look like? These are some of my thoughts.

If I wrote a Renaissance Faire show.

    1. No fire.

    Most of the performers I saw today included fire in at least some portion of their show. Faire goers will see it a lot. Let's give them something different.

    2. Speaking of something different,

    I have a few favorite performers whose shows I never miss at Faire. HOWEVER, some of them do the EXACT same show year after year. 

    While most attendees will only see your show once a year, they will likely see you EVERY year. Pay them back by changing at least one element of the show every Faire season. Changing too much is dangerous, but so is getting stale and boring.

    3. Is there a way to incorporate a living statue in my show?

    I enjoy the simplicity and peacefulness of a living statue performance. Every Faire should have at least one. Maybe have one as a prop in the corner of my stage?

    4. I think being a storyteller could work

    Learn to recite 3 or 4 stories flawlessly while interspersing that with crowd work and some improvisation.

    5. Or reciting Shakespeare in Faire Square while costumed as the bard himself.

    6. Learning quick one liners in response to common themes….

    ... is probably more beneficial to most performances.

    7. Design the show to perform in the lanes and squares.

    I'm presuming easier to book than the stage shows. Also, you can write and perform a shorter show.

    8. Most performances can work in a short juggling routine.

    It's not overly difficult to learn if can devote the time to practice.

    There is also a huge variety of options under the juggling category. You could watch a dozen jugglers and not see a routine repeated.

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