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If I'm so smart, why am I not rich?

By "rich" I mean financially independent, like "F*** you money" rich.

    1. I actually am rich in many ways

    There are many other ways to be rich beyond money. I have a great family. I have a wonderful wife. I have a job I enjoy that pays well beyond what I need to survive. I live in one of the most exciting eras to be alive, in one of the best social / political systems the world has seen. All of these things make me richer than most people who have ever lived. I thank God for that, and I hope I never lose sight of this fact.

    2. Intention

    I've actually never set out to become rich...

    3. Focus

    I've explored many avenues professionally rather than focused on one niche.

    4. Priorities

    People who pursue money tend to make a lot of sacrifices. I've taken a balanced approach.

    5. Discipline

    Sure, I could pursue side projects or career advancement if I spent a little less time on Twitter, or if I woke up a little earlier.

    6. Action

    I've had ideas for businesses I could start, but so far they've remained ideas.

    7. Network

    I could spend more time building my network in hopes to open up new opportunities

    8. Risk aversion

    Making big money often involves risk (investing, starting a business), and I'm naturally risk averse

    9. Competition

    There are a lot of people who like making money, it turns out

    10. Luck

    Some people are born into wealth. Not me, though.

    11. I sold all of the Bitcoin I bought in 2013... in 2013

    This one explains itself 😂
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