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Nicola Fisher


If You Could Only Meet 10 More People In Your Life

    1. TE Lawrence

    I watched a film called Lawrence: After Arabia, starring Ralph Fiennes (who I have met) sometime in my 30s. TEL resonated with me and I loved the portrayal of him in the film. I started reading his work, biographies and especially his letters. I went to Dorset to visit his former home, Clouds Hill, and his grave. He and his life have remained a fascination.

    2. Shackleton

    I became interested in Shackleton around the same time.

    3. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

    When I studied Elizabethan history at school, Robert Dudley was one of my favourites. I visited his tomb in Warwick.

    4. Matthew McConaughey

    I love the film, The Gentlemen, and his book Greenlights. I think we would have a lot to talk about.

    5. Ben Thompson

    He's the one in the purple sweat top. I love his enthusiasm. One of my favourite YouTube films.

    6. Sam Shepard

    What can I say? Extraordinary guy.

    7. Mandy Patinkin

    I recently watched Homeland from start to finish. I never saw it all when it first came out. Mandy Patinkin was one of my favourites and I'd love to meet him and have him sing for me. Something from South Pacific.

    8. Steven Pressfield

    I'd like to talk to him about writing and distractions!

    9. Eric Roberts

    Because he was in the video of my favourite song and I like his chiselled features.

    10. Rory Stewart

    I love his books. His podcast with Alastair Campbell is great. And he's a TEL fan.

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