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Maximillian Hill


If You Could Only Own 10 Things.

    1. My journal

    It helps me get my thoughts on paper and clear my mind.

    2. My library card

    Free books, free magazine subscriptions, free internet, and affordable printing.

    3. My watch

    It's not a tech watch....my little way of raising my middle finger at the giant tech companies that run our lives.

    4. One of my Spartan Race T-Shirts

    I've completed two Spartan Races and had a great experience during both of them. I definitely earned this shirt.

    5. My glasses

    I've got to be able to see.

    6. My E-Scooter

    I love it - it's a fun way to get around. Thinking about upgrading the battery though, because stopping in a Dunking Donuts in the middle of the day to charge it for an hour is a pain in the ass.

    7. My Backpack

    I use it to hold my things when I travel. I use it to ruck, which keeps me in tip-top shape.

    8. My copy of Choose Yourself

    The book that started me on this journey of adventure.

    9. My pants

    Because I don't live in a nudist colony.

    10. My sneakers

    Because I walk as much as I can and they keep my feet safe from germs and injury.

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