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If You Could Only Own 10 Things.

I will take a scenario of constant switching places as was mentioned by James.

    1. My leg prosthesis

    It's still an item and it's needed on a daily basis haha

    2. Comfortable pair of shoes

    It's essential. The walks in uncomfortable pairs of shoes can be used as torture. Anyway, I will need to replace them from time to time for sure.

    3. A pair of drumsticks

    4. A bicycle

    For basic transportation in a new area. I'm a bike fan since my very early years. In my hometown, I used to ride it every time but mostly in extreme ways like jumping, grinding, dropping, and all other tricks. For transportation it was not really suitable, my hometown has hills all over, so usually, it's constantly pedaling uphill and then short relief during the downhill.

    But with my recent move to Germany, I'm using my bicycle every day. I like this way of transportation. I feel joy when I'm riding through the summer evening.

    5. A smartphone

    I will not count the charge here as an additional item lol.

    I'm not saying phone, cause in one of the latest episodes of James' podcast there was a line "Why do we still call it iPhone? It's the least used function/app of this gadget". So let's say I will need a smartphone. Mostly to handle all the operational work, payments, and chats.

    6. My National Geographic backpack

    To keep even these 10 things in an organized way.

    7. Headphones

    I need them during any kind of activities I have during the day. Music, podcasts, or bicycle navigation.

    8. A pair of sunglasses

    That's essential for me. Also, considering I will be located in some sunny regions as well.

    9. Los Angeles Clippers jersey

    So I can support them everywhere.

    10. A laptop

    I was not sure whether include it or not cause I assumed I can do anything using my phone. However, I think I will have a huge decrease in comfort in case I would use only a phone for serious work or tasks. A phone will work for any kind of raw communication and entertainment but I don't think I will be able to maintain proper productivity without the laptop.

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