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If you could switch lives with any celebrity for a day, who would it be and why?

    1. Jordan Peterson

    What's it like to be a controversial public intellectual and have to debate many adversaries while trying to help others.

    2. Brad Pitt

    What's it like to be so handsome and desirable?

    3. Fred Astaire

    I would want dance like he does and feel the joy in my body

    4. Louis C.K.

    Being that smart, funny and having an interesting life despite setbacks and personal shortcomings.

    5. Joe Rogan

    How to connect with people and have interesting and meaningful conversations with them that are also of interest to a broad audience.

    6. Lebron James

    Being such an amazing athlete, essentially a statesman of the NBA, and massive public figure.

    7. Nick Wright

    Consuming and being passionate about sports and developing an opinion about the that people are willing to listen to and pay for.

    8. President of the United States

    What is it like to be that powerful? To be a hope and inspiration to many, but also feared and loathed by others?

    9. Leonardo Da Vinci

    I would want to experience of what its like to be a great artist and thinker.

    10. Adolpho Cambiaso

    What is it like to be so a good at riding a horse and playing polo?

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